Past Productions


peace in the house

Peace in the House 2006.jpg

Voices of Sepharad presents its critically acclaimed production Peace in the House, a multimedia theatrical experience that strives to portray the diverse populations of the Middle East on a more personal, human scale. The production is performed by a cast of twelve whose origins range from Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, India, and the United States. (Read More)


tales of djoha

Tales of Djoha. Esther.jpg

Digging into the substratum of Mediterranean traditional cultures, Voices of Sepharad presents Tales of Djoha: Trickster in Two Worlds. The work weaves music, dance, theater, and folktale into a humorous look at a folkloric figure shared by Arabic and Jewish communities throughout North African, Balkan, and Eastern Mediterranean lands. (Read More)


a night in persia

A Night in Persia e-mail (1).jpg

Voices of Sepharad joins voices and instruments with Persian music group Robayat to celebrate two holidays: the Persian New Year (NoRuz) and the Jewish festive holiday of Purim. The festivity, A Night in Persia, evokes a cultural crossroads in which Jewish music of the Middle East shares the stage with the rich music of traditional Persian culture. (Read More)


embracing the beloved


In a world where unfamiliar beliefs and musical expressions are seen as strange and unapproachable, three Minnesotan musicians--Nirmala Rajasekar, David Jordan Harris, and Maryam Yusefzadeh-- use their traditional art forms to find common ground and promote understanding.  The artists have created Embracing the Beloved to speak to human values and spiritual aspirations reflected in their three distinctive musical traditions: Indian, Persian, and Sephardic. (Read More)




Touching audiences in every region of the United States as well as Canada, Spain, and Poland, Voices of Sepharad with its co-director, choreographer/dancer Judith Brin Ingber (1987-2000), delivered hundreds of performances with its extensive repertoire of Sephardic music, dance, and, folktale.