Who We Are - Voices of Sepharad

Voices of Sepharad explores a stunning Jewish cultural tradition of song and dance which originated in medieval Spain (Sepharad in Hebrew). Graceful, fiery, and elegant, the melodies and their archaic Judeo-Spanish dialect were sung throughout the Mediterranean world, where Jews resettled after their expulsion from Spain in 1492. In time, the Sephardic Jews acquired new forms of expression related to their new locals, and created an enormous repertoire of songs and cultural traditions which has continued to develop into this century.

Active since 1986, Voices of Sepharad has performed to critical acclaim throughout North America and Europe. From the New World School of the Arts in Miami, Gindi Auditorium in Los Angeles and Manhattan’s Danspace Project to the internationally renowned Jewish Theater in Warsaw, Voices of Sepharad has displayed its unique talent for creating vivid and moving performances. Our shows are presented in venues ranging from live radio and television to cabaret and proscenium stage. All arrangements of the music have been developed collaboratively by the ensemble and attempt to fuse the traditions of the Sephardic past with a contemporary sensibility.

Voices of Sepharad has released three recordings: Pasión, Viva Sepharad, and Hamsa.

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